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Did you know?

In the early days of the telephone, operators would pick up a call and use the phrase, "Well, are you there?". It wasn't until 1895 that someone suggested answering the phone with the phrase "number please?"

Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours per day.


I mean televisi--"
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[At some point Edaniel's comm turned on to the video function. How and why is unknown, for a good five minutes its focused on a random wall in his apartment, with the backs of chairs just barely visible in frame. Eventually Edaniel comes pacing by, walking in and out of frame several times, seemingly muttering to himself while rubbing his hands across his face, his green tail twitching irritably. Timo can be heard off screen.]

Edaniel? What in the world is wrong with you?

[Edaniel stops walking and turns to face wherever Timo is.]

I can't take it anymore.

... can't... take what... ?

I can't take it anymore! [flail] I'm trying to keep myself from scaring him off, but I just can't do it!

... I assume you're speaking of your boyfriend.


And what could you possibly do that would scare him off?

... [Edaniel's cheeks puff up, and suddenly he just... verbally explodes. He starts ranting like there is no tomorrow, going on and on about the most random things imaginable, most of which make no sense and have no connection to anything ever. There's a lot of mentions of communism for some strange reason, oreos are mentioned at least three times, he brings up apartheid for no conceivable reason except for the fact that its a funny word (which he ALSO makes note of and then takes another thirty seconds to LIST twenty other "funny" words) and when its all said and done he finally ends it with a very loud declaration of--]


[when he's done, he stands there panting, and Timo just seems... stunned in to silence. Its another minute before either of them speaks again]

Well that was certainly... ... why?


... I see. ... I believe your D-Comm is recording. Have fun with that aftermath.

[Timo walks away (not seen) and Edaniel turns to stare at the D-Comm on the table with a somewhat horrified expression before he goes lunging at it, and a very loud CRASH precedes the comm actually turning off]
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So uh... anyone who knows Paulo and was looking for him... he got attacked by... Jesus, I don't even know what that was. To me it looked like the Manager of the Mausoleum, but Timo says it was a monster of some kind... she hates and totally freaked out when I showed up. I guess that's why she was attacking him in the first place.

I'm okay. He's gonna be okay eventually. We're at Neon General.

So... yeah...

[awkward pause]

That's it, I guess.
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[Edaniel seems to be trying to perfect his stoner-hippie voice]

Maaaaan there's some like... seriously bad vibes 'round this place. Where's the love, peeps, where's the love?

You could stand to be a LITTLE more sensitive, Edaniel.

[normal voice] Heh. Sorry, Timo. Just trying to lighten the mood.

Well don't. It's a very serious thing that's happened. I truly feel sorry for that couple who had such a beautiful day ruined.

Hey, don't get me wrong! I feel bad for the Oni dude and his girl, too, but there's not much we can do, yahknow?

I thought you started this with the intent of giving a suggestion?

... I did?

[the 'are you kidding me' stare is damn near audible.]

OHYEAH I DID! So, like, I know it's not much I figure if anyone could stand to get away from the stress of this whole nasty biz, it would be the kids. I was gonna have a big movie night down in the ball room for 'em. Parents are welcome, too, but the movies are gonna be pretty kid oriented. So. Yeah. Big movie night tonight for the kidlets!

Your ability to make an announcement fail that spectacularly amazes me...

Thanks! ... --hey wait a second!
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[The sound comes on at the tail end of a very loud THUD and what sounds like the middle of a rather heated lecture.]


OKAY! Eesh, get offa my face, wouldya?!

Promise me! Promise me you won't even do that again!

I ain't gonna make a promise I can't keep, Timo!

... what? Are you seriously going to sit there after barely surviving and tell me you--

Yes. You may not like it, but this is where I stand on it, 'kay? I ain't gonna sit back and do nothin'. Deal with it.

[There's no response from Timo, but a door slams several seconds later. Almost a minute passes after a sigh from Edaniel before he realizes his comm is on. There's a rattle as he picks it up.]

So uh... anyone wanna teach a guy who knows nothin' about fightin' how to not.. yehknow... lose horribly?

[Vault 3]

Jun. 1st, 2010 07:39 pm
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Some one mind tellin'  me... how long I've been out... and why there's an egg sitting next to me...

[groan] I feel like crap...

[Vault 2]

May. 19th, 2010 04:59 pm
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What was that?

I said "I'm bored".

Then you'd be wise to find something to do.

Like what?

How in the world should I know? It's not as if I'm tapped in to your mind and know your every interest, Edaniel. Nor would I ever want to be. I imagine it's quite the frightening place.

Har har... you're so helpful, Timo.

I am here to provide assistance in battles and am by no means obligated to do anything more than that.

Even if I asked nicely?


... okay, that's it! I'm putting in an official protest right here and now! My partner assignment is totally bogus! This is worse than the stupid stickers you get in Cracker Jack boxes! Worse than pencils from the Dollar Store!

And I though I was making the loudest complaint about this... [sigh] Edaniel, for my sake and yours, I advise you to find something to do.

Like WHAT?! You won't tell me what there is to do around here!

[The conversation really does just continue like this. Please, some one, interrupt them before this turns in to an hour long argument that keeps going in circles.]

[Vault 1]

May. 8th, 2010 12:10 am
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Fifteen tries and a nearly broken D-Comm later, you've FINALLY managed to turn the recording function on. You twit.

Gimmie a break! I'm not used to all this new fangled technology you kids have!

I assure you I am not a child, Edaniel.

... you remind me waaaaaay too much of Edrear. Anyway, this thingie on?


Right. So. Um. I'm Edaniel, like my new buddy Timmy--

Timo, and so help me I will hurt you if you continue that.

... -achem- Timo. Sorry. Pushy. Aaaaaaaannnnyway, anyone know of a place I can clean up? Kinda covered in crap from that damn swamp and we just showed up in some floating city--


STOP INTERRUPTING ME. You're worse than an infomercial!

... what?

Nevermind. So. Yeah. Place to clean up. Please. This face is not meant to be marred by disgusting swamp... stuff.

[sigh] Dear Yggdrasil you are insufferable.

And you look like an anime plushie reject.


[comm cuts off]


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